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Hello SECVEL team! I am amazed by the SECVEL card protection wallet. I was on holiday in the USA, where credit cards are common currency. My Mastercard, underground ticket and the New York sightseeing pass never left my side. And they all fitted perfectly in my card protection wallet! I didn't have to fumble about in my purse, as the wallet was close to hand in my trouser pocket.  The underground card never got bent or wet, which was great because it needed to last 10 days! Highly recommended!
Wolf B., OÖ
Customers who have tried out SECVEL are very satisfied and no longer have any problems with their card.
Raiffeisenkasse Tirol, 
I cannot afford to have a faulty bank card on my business trips. Now I am reassured again when I am on the road.
Richard T., Graz
My card has stopped working 3 times in the last one and a half years. Since I have been using the SECVEL card protection sleeve, the mystery has been solved.

Thank you very much, SECVEL, for a great product.
Emma L., Amstetten
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