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About Secvel 


Our mission is to provide protection for bank and identity cards.

We have set ourselves the following goals:

  • to prevent the deletion of the magnetic stripe
  • to avoid fraudulent use of data following unauthorised reading
  • to reduce mechanical and physical damage to cards

Our story


The impulse behind the founding of SECVEL was provided by the desire to solve the problem of data deletion from magnetic stripes on debit cards. Our objective was to protect the magnetic stripe from the most common magnetic fields using a card protection sleeve. One year went by before the newly designed card protection sleeve was ready to be factory-produced.

A survey by the AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology (Seibersdorf Laboratories) has scientifically researched and confirmed the protective properties of our products when subjected to static magnetic fields, as well as their shielding effect against unauthorised access to data stored on a card.




SECVEL covers are products that are made in Austria.

SECVEL covers are produced one by one by hand.


Our manufacturing process at a glance:

  • The protective materials are manufactured and punched out.
  • The basic film from which our covers are made is printed in the selected design.
  • The top and bottom layers of the film are punched out.
  • The protective materials are then laid inside the top and bottom layers of the cover.
  • The top and bottom parts of the cover are heat-sealed separately, before the top part is heat-sealed onto the bottom part.
  • The cover is then subject to quality control.

Our technology

Magnetic field resistance

The problem of faulty cards has been around since bank (debit/credit) cards were first introduced and primarily concerns magnetic stripes being erased. The stray static field of some magnets can demagnetise sensitive magnetic stripes, rendering the card unusable.


It is very difficult to shield static magnetic fields when the weight and dimensions of the protective material are so restricted.


These are minimum requirements for the card protection sleeve, because it should not be too heavy and must be able to fit inside the card compartment of a wallet.


Holidays and business travel present a significantly higher chance of magnetic fields damaging cards because people come more frequently into contact with magnetic sources when travelling than they would do normally.

Travel bags, laptop cases and briefcases are increasingly fitted with handy magnetic fasteners. Magnetic clasps in mobile phone cases, camera cases, video camera cases and spectacle cases have become increasingly common. Even the magnetic field of loudspeaker magnets in headphones or mobile phones can destroy a card's magnetic stripe.


SECVEL covers protect the magnetic stripe on your card up to a magnetic field strength of approx. 125-135 mT. In most circumstances, this prevents damage to the card, which would otherwise render the card unusable.

Please note, however, full protection against direct contact with very strong magnetic fields cannot be guaranteed.


RFID/NFC protection


SECVEL covers are made using materials that provide outstanding protection.


They block unauthorised access to your cards and documents that are equipped with RFID/NFC technology, thereby preventing the chance of fraudulent use of data.

Even RFID readers with an extremely strong antennae are not able to penetrate the protective materials used in SECVEL covers.
The German company, iDTRONIC GmbH, has confirmed this with test results.

Even when using the most advanced technology, the SECVEL cover could not be penetrated.• This has been confirmed by a test carried out by the German company, CETECOM ICT Services.
(see "SECVEL technically tested by" – landing page)

CETECOM owns an independent testing laboratory and is accredited for testing banking products.


RFID/NFC separation

SECVEL covers allow you to decide which bank card you would like to use when paying with NFC.



The materials used within SECVEL covers provide a protective 'armour' for your card.

The outstanding sturdiness of the cover protects cards from being bent or warping due to heat.


Caring for your cards

The magnetic stripes are very sensitive to scratches and deformation as a result of temperatures exceeding 60°C.
SECVEL covers provide protection against these factors, increasing the life expectancy of your cards.

Our corporate goal consists of continuing to improve the SECVEL covers in terms of their performance and dimensions, to provide customers with an outstanding product offering maximum security and convenience.


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