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1What exactly is RFID/NFC?

RFID is the acronym for Radio Frequency IDentification, or, to put it simply,

  • remote identification.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication.

Both are technologies that allow data to be identified and transferred a short distance via radio waves without the card being touched or seen.


Special readers are required to access the stored information.


The sender-receiver unit creates an electromagnetic field that is received by the antennae of the RFID/NFC transponder. The transponder subsequently transmits its number code to the reading device.


Depending on the frequency, strength of signal and environmental factors, data can be read from a distance ranging from just a few centimetres to several metres. 

2Where can I order SECVEL card protection sleeves and wallets?

SECVEL card protection sleeves and wallets can be ordered in our online shop. You are able to select products from our full range of products, listed in the "Products" section. There are a variety of different colours available.

3Can SECVEL covers also be printed with my corporate design?

In the event of bulk orders, customers are able to personalise their data security covers using colours from the colour charts, according to their corporate design. Please contact us for further information.

4What factors can cause damage to a card?

There are a multitude of environmental factors – magnetic, physical as well as mechanical – that can trigger a fault on a card. Further information about sources of danger can be found here.

5Can a loudspeaker destroy my bank card?

If you place your card on a loudspeaker or television, these could erase the data on your card, depending on how the device is shielded.

6My access badge/bank card frequently fails to work. Why is this?

Watch out for sources of magnetic interference, which can erase data from your card.

The loudspeaker magnet in every mobile phone, for example, causes stray static magnetic fields that can damage the magnetic stripe on a card, rendering it unusable. The Vienna University of Technology has researched the effect of mobile phones on magnetic stripes and has confirmed that mobile phones can erase the data from magnetic stripes.

Extra features on mobile phones, such as MP3 or MP4 players, are turning mobiles into multi-functional devices.

As sound quality constantly improves, the stray magnetic fields created also become stronger. This, in turn, results in a growing danger that the magnetic stripe on cards gets damaged.

Other sources of danger are detailed here.

7 I have a voucher code. How can I use it?

You are able to redeem your voucher code during the order process in the field marked "voucher/promotional code".

Please note that voucher codes can only be redeemed under the conditions printed on the voucher itself.

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