SECVEL® covers provide protection against the unauthorised reading of cards and documents that are equipped with RFID / NFC technology – even protecting against high power readers.


Every unauthorised access to cards or documents is blocked by SECVEL® technology, putting a stop to the fraudulent reading of data. When you are carrying several RFID / NFC cards, SECVEL® technology allows you to decide which card should be debited, when and where.

Magnetic fields PROTECTION

Magnetic stripes are described as either LoCo (low coercivity) or HiCo (high coercivity).


Depending on their coercivity, magnetic stripes are prone to damage from magnetic fields to a varying extent. The protective materials that SECVEL® uses effectively curb the most common dangerous magnetic fields, thus protecting your card from damage.

bending, scratching and heat PROTECTION

The protective materials of SECVEL® covers are extremely sturdy, protecting your card against bending when it is placed, for example, inside a hip pocket.


SECVEL® covers protect both the magnetic stripe and the chip on your card from scratches. SECVEL® covers can also prevent your card from becoming damaged as a result of warping in heat.

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SECVEL® covers are an Austrian product and are produced one by one by hand.
The high quality SECVEL covers, equipped with special patented technology,
guarantee 5-fold protection for your cards.
The SECVEL card protection wallet provides you with 5-fold  protection for up to 4 cards.